Benefits of virtualization in data centers

Virtualization has taken the IT world by the storm thanks to the various benefits it has to offer. This technology has the ability to unleash the power of x86 servers and get rid of the majority of the constraints related to the physical world. Virtualization has become an industry that is maturing exponentially as more and more organizations are adopting this technology.
For IT organizations and corporations there are many benefits associated with going virtual but even with all these advantages, many companies have not joined the virtualization bandwagon. If you want to improve your data center or migrate it to a hosted data center then we would recommend this technology. In this article, we have listed 9 benefits of virtualization in data centers which can help you make the right decision for your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Virtualization:

  1. Significant reduction of cost related CapEx and OpEx
    Virtualization reduces the capital and operational expenses. By removing the hardware from data centers and replacing them with virtualized servers, these costs are reduced by 50%. Read more about difference.
  2. Heat build-up lessened along with cooling needs
    One of the biggest banes of a data center’s existence is environment control. Money has been poured into research in order to come up with a data center that has an efficient heat dissipation design. But the problem is that servers generate heat and the virtualization reduces the heat build-up by deploying fewer servers.
  3. Agility in redeployment
    Consider a scenario in which your physical server just stops working one day. The redeployment time will depend on factors such as readiness of the backup server, state of its data and availability of the server’s image. But with virtualization these factors do not matter and redeployment can be done in couple of minutes.
  4. Backups taken easily
    Taking a backup of your virtual server is an extremely easy task. You can also take snapshots and backups of your individual virtual machines. You can take snapshots at any time of the day and keep your backup data as current as possible. Snapshots help in significantly cutting down the downtime as they can be fired up faster than a typical server’s booting.
  5. Robust testing environment
    Virtualization gives ample margin for testing. It is an ideal environment where you can redo your mistakes by simply reverting back to a previous snapshot. Testing environment can be isolated so that end-users online are not affected by it. Once the work has been perfected, you can make this version live.
  6. Vendor lock-in
    With virtualized machines, you do not have to worry about the hardware from a specific vendor or a single server type. VMs provide freedom from vendor lock-in by allowing you to choose multiple vendors of your choice.
  7. Perfect disaster recovery
    Disaster recovery plans with virtualization have a high success rate thanks to their flexible nature. It is very easy to replace a virtual machine, provided you have recent snapshots of it. In case the disaster hits the data center facility then you can move the virtual machines somewhere else and re-create the network. View webinar about data protection here.
  8. No single point of failure
    Virtualization allows you to have your database server, web server and email server on different routes in a cost-effective manner. This removes the element of single point of failure and leads to the creation of fail-safe data center.
  9. Environment friendly
    Our environment is suffering due to the ever-increasing pollution and has set global warming into motion. In order to protect our future, we need to adopt ways for reducing carbon footprint. Clean technology is the only way forward and virtualization of data center falls in this green-friendly category.


By virtualizing your data center, you will not only help the environment but also reap its benefits. If you are looking for a robust virtualization solution then we would recommend V SAN by StarWind. It has an impeccable performance with a flexible architecture and is extremely economical price-wise. It is perfect for organizations with servers or those stuck in a vendor lock-in.

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